De admiralen

Book design of ‘The admirals/ Fugue of Constances/ Exposition’ (De admiralen/ Fuga van Constances/ Expositie).

Starting point of this edition is the work of artist Constance van Duinen. All footage refer to her work and spaces where the works are exhibited: Museum Oud Overschie in Rotterdam and the ateliers De admiralen in Amsterdam, house of 1001 publishers. The exposition De admiralen underlies this publication.

The publication follows the structure of the fugue (fuga) and consists of six removable fugal particles (episodes).

Artwork by Constance van Duinen, text by author Agnes Schreiner, photography by Suzanne Dorrestein, published by Gert-Jan van Dijk of Uitgeverij Duizend & Een/ 1001 Publishers, printed by SSP Amsterdam.